VT Training at NSIC

All  2nd and 3rd year students are here by informed that VT training has been offered by NSIC (The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd.), Howrah from 24-12-2015 to 04-01-2016. Interested students are instructed to enroll their name by 21-12-2015 (Monday).


  1. Deposit Rs.2300/- to Accounts Dept.
  2. Submit Xerox copy of Receipt to HR&CR Dept.

Course Details as follows:

Some tailor made Projects for the Electronics / Communication / Telecommunication /  Instrumentation / Mechanical/Electrical and  Civil Branch :

Sl. No. Project  Based on
1. Photonic Motion Sensing
2. Embedded Robotics control
3 Solid state cooling technology
4 ATM Surveillance system
5 Wireless RF communication
6 Sequential Timer
7 3 G Wi-Fi data communication
8 Embedded Systems
9 RFID system
10 3 ½ digit Universal Digital controllers indicators


  1. Photonic Motion Sensing Project

This project is based on IR communication and sensing system. Infrared and Laser Beam Technology are used to manufactured Angular IR sensors, C-MOS couplers, special             Opto lenses etc. this system may be used for Development of Power Saving devices, CAD-CAM switches, Power Line transmission controller, Remote sensing applications.

  1. Embeded Robotic Controll

Under the Embedded Robotics control system a Robotic.  X  & Y  axis movement  are controlled through remote radio signals.

  1. Solid State Cooling System

An extraordinary project in nature. Here the latest Solid Sate cooling technology has been used and it finds application in various industries directly. The core technology in this project is “A Semi conductor Heat Pump” which is made with special doping materials and architecture. A highly conditioned power input maintains the unit stability factor, which is also related with the quantum of radiation pattern and output drive.

Implementation of above project can be done by use of Semiconductor Heat pump, Metal Film registers, Tantulum Capacitors etc. The above prototype can be used to develop Mini Refrigerator, Medical Therapy device, a mobile air conditioner etc.

  1. Digital 31/2 Digit Universal Digital controllers indicators

This projects based on Universal Digital controllers indicators system. This prototype may be used for i) Over loading indication, ii) Auto light shut down facility, ii) Auto polarity indication, iii) Extension of scaling etc. and for measurement of i) Voltage ii) Current iii) Resistance & iv) Semiconductors.

Fees of the training programme-Rs. 2000+ S.T. extra

  1. Wireless RF communication 

This project is based on wireless communication using Radio Frequency in permitted range of operation with out interfering outside communications.

  1. Sequential timer

These are based on industrial controller system. The reliability factor is directly dependent on the Time Based reference of the circuit either in inverted or non-inverted form. Now, this time reference is directly proportional to the functional impulse of the reference voltage. This can be measured by detecting capacitance changing or by the change of resistivity. In the above project Dual mode time control semiconductor chip, ideal CMOS voltage reference chip, discrete power drivers both solid state and electromechanical type will be used.

  1. Wi-Fi data communication

This project is based on high speed reliable digital data communication using state of the art System-On-Chip technology. Practical demonstration will be shown for carrier communication and data communication along with carrier.

Electrical Engineering

Sl. No. Project  Based on Testing / Calibration
1. Pulse Width Modulation MOSFET supported based power inverter.
2. Digital Remote Switching System
3. Universal Power metre with Resistive Capacitive and Inductive load measuring facility.
4 Integrated 5 in 1 measuring equipment
5 Motor / Transformer rewinding in home appliances.
6 Calibration of High voltage & Impulse Test set by Sphere Gap method as per IEC: 60052
7. Testing of all types  of insulators,heat cycle & temperature rise test on electrical hardware and fittings used in High tension & low tension power transmission line.

 Fees of the training programme-Rs. 2000+ S.T. extra


Mechanical Engineering/ Production/ Metallurgical Engineering

Sl. No. Project  Based on Mechanical Testing of various components
1. Industrial Lifter using Robotics
2. Project using CNC programming
3. Tool design & manufacturing by using CAD & conventional machines.
4.  Type Test including Stress & Strain test of ACSR / AAAC/AAC conductors.
5 UTS, Y/S %age of E, Bend, R-Bend, Flatting and B/L of Mechanical & Electrical components.
6 Complete type test upto 400 KV for transmission and distribution lines hardware fittings.


Civil Engineering

1 Surveying technique using Engineer’s Level, Dumpy Level, Theodolite, Total Station etc project report using Civil Auto CAD

Computer Science & IT

Sl. No. Project  Based on Mechanical Testing of various components
1. Java & J2EE
2. ASP. Net using C#
3. Analytic Tools
4. PHP My SQL/ Sql Server


Fees of the training programme-Rs. 2000+ S.T. extra

**NSIC provide Lodging Facility only.

HOWRAH –  711 113,

Website : http://www.nsic.co.in/


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