VT training at Academy of Industrial Automation and Technology

All  2nd and 3rd-year students of EE and ETCE are hereby informed that VT training has been offered by AIAT (Academy of Industrial Automation and Technology), Howrah from (Expected 25-12-2017 to 06-01-2018 ). Interested students are instructed to enrol their name by 30-11-2017.

Enrollment Process:

  1. Deposit Rs.2,200/- to Accounts Dept. on and from 16-11-2017 up to 30-11-2017
  2. Submit Photo copy of Receipt to HR&CR Dept.

120 Hours  Project Workshop on Industrial Automation
Variable SpeedDriveor VFD &Programmable Logic Controller or
PLC and HMI / SCADA for Electrical /ECE /Inst Students

This Project Workshop will give anyone the Idea on fundamentals Of Industrial Autoamtion
System Using PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller ) Variable Speed Drive or VFD & SCADA (
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System ) which are the must for any Industry today .
This workshop will provide a brief Idea on Industrial Automation using variable speed Drives and
Industrial Controller i.e PLC with the example of HVAC ( Heating , Ventillation , Air Conditionong )
Project along with hands Programming & Practical Workshop .
Theentire System will give an idea on Project Engineering ,workingTopology , Programming
technique , Electrical Wiring of Industrial Controller i.e PLC and Variable Speed Drive .
Project will be emphasized on PLC Programming Technique , Electrical Drives parameterization
procedure with Hands On Online Product ( SIEMENS ) Training along with HMI / SCADA System
Development Procedure . .
A small Project on HVAC ( Heating , Ventillation , Air Conditionong ) system will be furnished using
Variable Speed Drives , PLC and SCADA . Participants would do the Software Programming Part and
Hardware Wiring/ Installation Part of PLC , Drives and SCADA System by their own Hand .
End of Completion of this Workshop an ISO Certificate will be provided to each Participants .

59/1 A Bally Dingsai Para Road, P.O: BALLY DIST.: HOWRAH
Phone Alternate:

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