Vocational Training at KMC


Following students are selected for Vocational Training at Kolkata Municipalities, Kolkata. Training will be done in two phases
1st Phase – 10-12-2014 to 16-12-2014
2nd Phase – 02-01-2015 to 08-01-2015

Name of Students

Krishnendu Mondal CE 5th Sem
Tanmoy Mukherjee CE 5th Sem
Anjan Bhowmik CE 5th Sem
Subhajit Nayak CE 5th Sem
Joydeb Nandy CE 3rd Sem
Mahadev Ghosh CE 3rd Sem
Uttpal Saha CE 3rd Sem
Anirban Nag CE 3rd Sem
Tanmoy Chowdhury CE 3rd Sem
Subhadip Thakur CE 3rd Sem


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