Annual Interdepartmental Football Tournament


Durgapur – 08

No. : Notice/2016/71                                                                                              Date: 01/09/2016


Annual Interdepartmental Football Tournament will be held on 15.09.2016 at the Pandit raghunath murmu maidan ground, Palashdiha.

The tournament will start sharp at 9:00A.M. according to schedule.

All the captains of the teams are advised to submit the names of the team members on and before 07/09/2016.  Schedule will be done on the basis of lottery to be held at Library on 14/09/2016.

Team –  9 + 2 stand by players for each team and to be played on knock out basis.

Game duration for 1st leg – 10 min. + 5 min. (Rest) + 10 minutes.

For Semi-Final and Final – 15 min. + 5 min. (Rest) + 15 minutes.

No extra time will be played. For result – Directly penalty shootout to be held.

Every student and staff must be present at the said ground to enhance the procedure and to encourage the sporting spirits.

Teams are – AE, ETCE, CE-A, CE-B, EE, ME-A, ME-B, Faculty & Staff. (Total 8 teams).





Copy to : i) President / Secretary

  1. ii) Officer-in-Charge

iii) All HOD’s

  1. iv) Office
  2. v) HR & CRD- to put in the College website & facebook
  3. vi) Library

vii) A/c Deptt.

viii) PRO

  1. ix) Exam Cell
  2. x) Notice Board



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